Manchester United also eyeing manager Antonio Conte

In a new twist in the football world, Manchester United reportedly has its eye on Antonio Conte, according to The Sun. The former coach of Inter Milan and Juventus is allegedly in the sights of the Red Devils.

This move is drawing a lot of attention considering Antonio Conte’s potential as a replacement in case of a possible dismissal of current coach Ten Hag. Fans are speculating whether Conte is the right fit to take over the English Premier League side.

Contrary to previous reports linking Napoli with Conte, it seems Manchester United has also expressed interest in the Italian coach. It’s interesting to note that Napoli isn’t the only team keen on securing Conte’s services.

However, reports from England suggest this could be a plan for the next season, not the current one. The possibility of Conte leading United seems to be a future-oriented strategy rather than an immediate move. This implies that Ten Hag could still remain as the coach for the rest of the present season.

However, as often the case with such high profile speculation, the final decision will be dependent on numerous variable factors and the desires of the parties involved. Watch this space for more updates on this unfolding story.

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