Maignan’s Renewal Draws Top Players’ Attention as Bayern Shows Interest

Mike Maignan, the towering French goalkeeper, is seeking to renew his contract with AC Milan, however, the negotiation process is currently complicated. Maignan is linked with Milan until June 30th, 2026 and earns a whopping £3 million net per season.

Maignan is hopeful that the Milanese club would step forward and reward his performance. “Maignan knows that the Rossoneri cannot exceed $7 million, yet he believes he deserves the premium treatment reserved for the top players,” the source at MilanNews24 stated.

The option of a transfer to Bayern Munich was also mentioned. It seems that Bayern Munich had shown some interest in Maignan in the past months, a fact that revitalises the transfer rumours. “A failure for contract renewal could position him as the potential big summer sell-off to invigorate the inbound market,” the source revealed.

Apparently, Milan will go to great lengths to keep Mike, but they also expect the player to meet them halfway. The abolition of the growth decree has certainly tangled the negotiation, especially with the tax rate returning to 43%, a fact that influences the club’s financial commitments to the state.

This negotiation and transfer situation begs for attention in the coming weeks. Stay tuned with us for more updates about Maignan’s future with AC Milan, and potential leads with Bayern Munich.

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