Maignan: Here are the dreams I want to achieve with Milan

AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan has opened up about his ambitions, self-belief and importance of family in a revealing interview with GQ Italia.

When asked about being labelled as one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world, Maignan laughed off the title, saying he works hard regardless. “There are many strong goalkeepers at the moment. This motivates me to continue working. However, I only look at myself and my potential, and what I can give at my best,” he said, as reported by GQ Italia.

During the interview, Maignan spoke about his strong sense of self-belief and work ethic. He also stressed the importance of his family. “I am a confident person and a hard worker. At the same time, family is extremely important to me. I believe there is a time for everything in life and you must find the right balance to perform at a high level while also dedicating time to your loved ones, because I do all this for them. I have a goal in mind and I stay focused, which is the most important thing”, Maignan was quoted as saying by GQ Italia.

On his ultimate aims, Maignan revealed that he has dreams to fulfil, and primarily aimed at reaching the pinnacle of footballing success. “But most importantly, I want to reach the highest level in football, push myself beyond my limits and leave a mark in history,” Maignan told GQ Italia.

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