Lukaku’s Social Media Activity Delights Napoli Fans

Romelu Lukaku has set Napoli fans abuzz with his recent activity on social media, fuelling speculations about his potential move to the Serie A side.

The Belgian striker, who is reportedly one of new Napoli manager Antonio Conte’s top targets, liked a post on social media that has since stirred the rumour mill.

The post in question did not specify details, but Lukaku’s interaction with it did not go unnoticed by the eager Napoli supporters.

“The like from Lukaku is suggesting something significant,” said a fan, as per a popular football forum. “It has definitely made us excited about his possible arrival.”

According to sources within the club, Conte is eager to bring in top talent to boost Napoli’s chances in both the domestic league and European competitions.

“Conte is clear about wanting Lukaku,” a club insider revealed to local media. “He sees him as a crucial addition to the squad.”

The buzz around Lukaku’s possible transfer comes amid a wave of optimism in Naples, with fans hopeful that the club can achieve new heights under Conte’s leadership.

As transfer speculations continue, all eyes will be on Lukaku and Napoli for any further developments.

The club has yet to make an official statement, but Lukaku’s social media gesture has certainly given the Napoli faithful something to dream about.

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