Lukaku reportedly close to Napoli, with a rival ready to thwart Antonio Conte’s plans

Romelu Lukaku is at the centre of a fierce duel between Napoli and AC Milan for the Chelsea striker.

Antonio Conte continues to dream of bringing Lukaku to Napoli.

However, Napoli faces the obstacle of Victor Osimhen, which could hinder their pursuit and potentially benefit Milan’s interests.

Manuele Baiocchini, speaking to Sky Sport, provided an update on the situation: “Napoli’s interest in Lukaku is evident, but the presence of Osimhen complicates matters.”

Baiocchini elaborated, “If Osimhen remains at Napoli, it becomes challenging for them to justify another high-profile striker.”

He noted, “This scenario could give AC Milan an upper hand in securing Lukaku if Napoli can’t resolve their situation with Osimhen.”

The tension between the clubs remains high as both sides look to bolster their attacking options with Lukaku’s robust presence on the pitch.

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