Luis Muriel Bids Farewell to Atalanta, Calling Bergamo His Second Home

Luis Muriel bids his farewell to Atalanta as he is set to become a player for Orlando City.

Before his departure, Muriel did not hesitate to express his gratitude to Atalanta and its supporters. Through his Instagram profile, the former number 9 striker published a video where he thanks Bergamo, the fans, and Atalanta club.

The message of the Colombian forward is heartfelt and touching. He says, “I have a lump in my throat that doesn’t let me talk properly: I thank you so much, thank you for supporting me, for the love, for what you have always transmitted to me, not only in the stadium but also outside. You are the greatest fans I have ever known and I will always carry you in my heart.”

He did not forget to thank the club that facilitated his career growth, saying, “I thank the society, President Antonio, Luca, Mr. Gasperini, my companions who have lived beautiful things with me in these four and a half years, both in Europe and Italy. It’s really hard for me to talk because it’s a beautiful emotion but at the same time it certainly makes me sad.”

Showing gratitude towards the less-visible but essential staff members at Atalanta, Muriel stated, “I also want to thank all those who work in Zingonia, who might be behind the scenes and are not visible, but are very important to us and have given me a lot over these four and a half years. I’m talking about the storekeepers, the kitchen staff, the administrative part: all those people who work every day to make sure we are always better.”

In his final farewell, Muriel added, “I’m off to have a new experience, but I’ll definitively always carry you with me. I’ll always be an Atalanta fan, and we’ll see each other as soon as possible. Together with the club, we want to make this goodbye, we believe it’s the most beautiful way to leave. I know that Bergamo is my home, I’ll always come back to visit you and to find Atalanta and the people of Bergamo. Thanks for everything, guys, thanks for the love and go Atalanta!”

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