Luis Diaz nightmare over: father freed after 13 days of captivity

Luis Diaz and his family’s nightmare is over: The father of the Colombian forward has finally been released. According to Sky Sports UK, the Colombian National Liberation Army has handed over Luis Diaz’s father to members of the Catholic Church and the United Nations last night. This brings an end to the man’s ordeal, which lasted for 13 days after he was kidnapped by a group of guerrillas in the South American nation.

“Luis Diaz is overjoyed that his father has been released and is safe. This has been a difficult time for the whole family, and we are grateful for the support and efforts of everyone involved in securing his release,” said a spokesperson for Liverpool FC.

The Colombian forward’s father was held captive for nearly two weeks, causing great distress to his family and friends. The news of his release has brought immense relief to all those close to him.

The Colombian National Liberation Army’s decision to release Luis Diaz’s father follows negotiations involving members of the Catholic Church and the United Nations. The successful outcome of these negotiations has brought an end to the harrowing ordeal that the Diaz family have had to endure.

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