Luis Diaz nightmare over: Father freed after 13 days held captive

In a heartwarming update, the father of Liverpool striker Luis Diaz has been safely released after being held captive for 13 days by the Colombian National Liberation Army. According to Sky Sports UK, the Colombian National Liberation Army handed over Diaz’s father to members of the Catholic church and the United Nations last night, bringing an end to the harrowing ordeal.

The relief and joy were palpable as the family of Luis Diaz received the good news of his father’s release. “We are deeply grateful for the support and efforts that led to the safe return of Mr. Diaz,” said a spokesperson for the United Nations in Colombia.

The ordeal has undoubtedly taken a toll on Luis Diaz, who has been playing for Liverpool with the weight of his father’s captivity on his shoulders. However, with the news of his father’s safe release, the Liverpool forward can now focus on his football with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Colombian President Ivan Duque also expressed his relief at the safe return of Luis Diaz’s father. “We are overjoyed to hear that Mr. Diaz has been safely released and reunited with his family,” President Duque said in a statement.

The footballing world joins in celebrating the safe return of Luis Diaz’s father and hopes for his swift recovery from the traumatic experience.

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