Luis Alberto on Real Sociedad: Lazio Mistaken if We Think They’re Easy to Encounter

Lazio midfielder Luis Alberto recently delivered his thoughts ahead of the Champions League last 16 draws. Speaking to Sky Sport, Alberto discussed the potential competitors and what lies ahead for Lazio in the competition.

Despite the apparent challenges, Alberto held no illusions about the difficult situation ahead. Speaking about Real Sociedad, he stated, “The Champions League is always tough, if Real Sociedad topped their group it means they’re strong. I know their coach very well, and they play very well. If we think they are easy to defeat, we are mistaken”.

The detailed interview with Alberto can be found on Sky Sport’s website. The Spanish midfielder’s comments hint at a respectful caution towards the potential adversaries, particularly noting that underestimation could be their downfall. Expectations are now high regarding the team’s preparation for the crucial games to come.

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