Lozano on Gattuso at Napoli: It was terrible, I cried in desperation

Hirving Lozano, the former Napoli player, has spoken out about his experience with manager Gennaro Gattuso while on the show Hugo Sánchez Presenta.

In retrospect, Lozano reveals that Gattuso “didn’t know me, he didn’t know where I had played, but he never asked me anything.” He comments on the unsettling feeling of uncertainty as a player, stating, “There are moments when you say to yourself, ‘Things aren’t going well here.'”

Upon Gattuso’s arrival, Lozano found himself sidelined. Gattuso started shuffling players, a move that didn’t include him. “I was on the bench and that’s when I said to myself, ‘Something’s up.'”

That particular year was an excruciatingly difficult phase for the former Napoli player. Lozano shared that he “cried desperately with my wife.” It was a time of frustration and questioning – comparing his skills with others and wondering, “Why doesn’t he put me on?” His reflection communicates a sense of disillusionment and confusion at a time when he felt sidelined, not finding the opportunities he anticipated.

This candid disclosure offers an insightful and emotional perspective into his journey with Napoli and the challenges faced under Gattuso’s management.

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