Los Angeles, Chiellini sees Juventus in his future, uncertain about his position

Ahead of the match that will decide the Major League Soccer (MLS) title, Los Angeles FC central defender Giorgio Chiellini has shared his thoughts.

Chiellini has strong ties to Juventus, a club where he spent almost half of his life. Speaking about the Italian club, the central defender indicated that he is pleased with Juventus’ current performance and looks forward to visiting the Stadium during the Christmas holidays. He did, however, acknowledge his contentment with his life in Los Angeles, where he currently lives with his family.

Regarding his future aspirations, Chiellini expressed his goal to work in football management, mentioning his economic degree and a Master in Business Administration specializing in football. He ruled out the possibility of becoming a coach.

Commenting on the Serie A title race, Chiellini added, “Juventus is managing to be more consistent, which was missing last season. We’ll see if they can keep up with Inter Milan come March.” He also suggested potential challenges for Inter if their Champions League journey continues, stating it could affect their Serie A performance, which might make it “easier for Juventus to keep pace.”

The quotes were translated from an original article in Italian published on Calcionews24.

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