Ligabue: Being a part of Inter is something that dates back to childhood

The renowned singer Luciano Ligabue has spoken at the headquarters of FC Internazionale Milan, popularly known as Inter, about his lifelong support for the club since his childhood.

Ligabue passionately stated, “Inter is an intense passion and passions are impossible to explain, they belong to you since childhood.” This line was quoted from an interview at the Inter headquarters. The singer also confessed how he has always tried to manage his emotions when it comes to the club.

Feeling compelled to contribute in some way, Ligabue shared his sentiments about Inter’s performance this season, praising it for its “deeply healthy” condition. The singer credited this to both, the leadership of manager Simone Inzaghi and the executive team.

He praised Calhanoglu for his technique and admired Inter’s midfield. Ligabue boldly claimed that he believes the team has the best midfield in Serie A.

The level of continuity demonstrated by Acerbi and the returned form of De Vrij pleasantly surprised Ligabue, providing reassurance for the central defenders. In addition, he highlighted the exceptional football intelligence of Darmian. Singling out Lautaro, Ligabue confessed his affinity for the player.

The singer found it difficult not to mention many players; for instance, Thuram, for his impressive work with the ball. He praised Dimarco, a native of Milan, for his dedication and contributions to the team as a loyal fan and player.

Other players who earned Ligabue’s appreciation were Sommer, who’s thriving in the championship league, Bastoni for being an exceptional player, and Mkhitaryan for showing extraordinary skills. The list could go on, he admitted, out of fear of accidentally omitting someone.

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