Lecce’s Tarozzi: We are the youngest in the league and we’re growing

Lecce’s assistant coach, Andrea Tarozzi, has offered his perspective following their defeat against Inter Milan in an interview with DAZN.

Reflecting on the game, Tarozzi stated, “We tried to execute the game plan our gaffer had set out during the week. The second goal really influenced us, in the second half we had a few more opportunities than in the first and there were moments where we even managed to control some aspects of the game.”

“In the middle of our best performance, where we weren’t conceding but creating some opportunities, we conceded the second goal due to a brilliant play by Arnautovic which complicated things. And the expulsion of Banda was not necessary, a real shame,” he added.

Despite the setback, Tarozzi remains positive about their progress saying, “Yes, we are on a path of growth. We are the youngest team in the championship and we’re growing considerably: we always finish the game with substitutions that offer a lot to the team. They have helped us to win or draw some games in the end,” he said.

“If Rafia’s header had gone in, the game could have taken a different turn. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that Falcone made some stunning saves.”

Tarozzi also emphasised his team’s growth stating that the players have a lot of desire to follow the coach’s instructions. However, according to him, they are currently lacking something in the final meters but overall he expresses satisfaction with the path they are taking with these young players and hopes to improve even further.

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