Lecce’s Pongracic: Ready for Milan, I Know How to Stop Leao

Lecce’s central defender, Marin Pongracic, has spoken ahead of the Serie A match against Milan. In a press conference, Pongracic stated, “We are facing a top team, with great individuals in every department. We have also faced great attackers against Roma, so we are ready for Milan as well. Without fear, we will have to play a great defensive game and stay concentrated at all times.”

Pongracic emphasized the importance of defending as a united team, acknowledging Milan’s strength and the potential difficulty they may face. He added, “Giroud and Leao? They are among the best in Italy, but we can stop them.”

The Lecce defender’s remarks highlight the team’s preparedness and determination to face Milan’s formidable lineup. This demonstrates their determination and resolve as they approach the upcoming match.

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