Lecce’s Baschirotto insists: Penalty against Inter was valid

In a recent press conference ahead of their clash with Atalanta, Lecce defender Federico Baschirotto shared some thoughts about their previous performance and the forthcoming match.

Regarding their encounter with Inter, Baschirotto admitted an opportunity for penalty kicks was on the table; however, he stressed the need to focus on performance improvement. “The opportunity for a penalty was there, but we should not get caught up in that but instead focus on our performance. We had chances to do better,” he commented.

As for the possible return of Umtiti, a familiar face to Lecce, Baschirotto expressed optimism and well wishes. “Everyone would be happy to have him back here, yet all I can do is wish him the best,” Baschirotto said.

Turning his attention to the upcoming match against Atalanta, Baschirotto conveyed confidence in his side’s ability to secure a victory if they approach the game with the correct mindset. He credited Atalanta as a strong side and admitted their vast attacking prowess and constant rotation make them a formidable opponent.

“We will miss Pongracic, but I trust the coach will select a fitting replacement,” Baschirotto remarked.

He also admitted to looking forward to a head-to-head encounter with Scamacca, whom he has never played against before. “He is a great attacker,” Baschirotto said. He ended on a lighthearted note, hoping that Atalanta’s Muriel does not unleash his championship-winning spirit and score any unexpected goals.

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