Lecce, Piccoli: Grateful to the boss for this opportunity, always ready to perform

Roberto Piccoli, the forward for Lecce, spoke to Sky Sports following their victory over Frosinone.

The striker expressed his appreciation towards the manager for the opportunity to play. He said, “I thank the manager for this chance”. He also mentioned his commitment to be ready whenever required, either starting the game or when substituted on.

Piccoli spoke about his relationship with Nikola Krstovic, another attacking player in the team. He touched on their positive training camaraderie and competition. “Nikola and I always work together in training. It’s a nice and healthy competition,” Piccoli said, as quoted by Sky Sports. He then continued to mention an instance where he could have made a better pass to aid Krstovic in scoring a goal.

The young Italian attacker then discussed the unity within the team and the need to remain consistent. “We are a united group. We need to continue this way,” stated Piccoli.

He elaborated on the prospect of playing alongside Krstovic as a two-man attack, indicating that he’s accustomed to this approach and understands the movements of his teammate. The anticipation of adapting to a two-man forward line seems to be something Piccoli is excited about.

Piccoli concluded by mentioning the positive competitive spirit that pushes the squad to raise the performance bar during training, which ultimately translates into their on-field values. According to him, this healthy competition is leading to success and will only help the team improve.

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