Lecce, Krstovic claims mistreatment after goals

Nikola Krstovic, Lecce’s forward, spoke about his adaptation to Serie A with the giallorossa team during a press conference. Krstovic’s words shed light on his experience in the top Italian league. Initially, he found it easy, but he admitted that defenders started treating him poorly after his second goal. Despite this, Krstovic remains determined to give his best and overcome this situation. Although he had opportunities to score against Genoa without success, he is focused on continuing his personal growth. His ultimate goal is to score in every match as it brings him joy, and he wants to contribute to Lecce’s efforts to remain in Serie A. Achieving a total of 15 goals this season is a dream for Krstovic; he needs 11 more goals to fulfill it. Reflecting on the last game, Krstovic admitted to feeling nervous due to an undeserved caution from the referee, but he declined to comment further on the matter.

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