Lecce-Frosinone 2-1: The Yellows return to victory

At the Via del Mare, Lecce and Frosinone went head-to-head in a thrilling match for the 16th round of the Serie A 2023/2024 Championship. In a rollercoaster of a game, Lecce ultimately clinched a 2-1 victory over Frosinone.

The match saw numerous close calls and missed opportunities. At the 81st minute, guest team Frosinone almost equalised the score with Harroui taking a shot at goal, just missing by a few centimetres. Lecce also had their share of near misses with Piccoli aiming high above the crossbar at the 77th minute and a chance led by Gendrey at the 60th minute that narrowly missed the side of the net.

In the first half, Lecce seized the initiative when a mistake by Turati in the 11th minute resulted in a goal for Piccoli. According to reports, an unsuccessful clearance by Turati led Banda to feed the ball to Piccoli, who swiftly turned and delivered a low shot to the near post, leaving Turati unable to prevent the goal.

However, Frosinone quickly retaliated in the 32nd minute. Awarded a penalty, Kaio Jorge took to the spot with Soulè leaving him the ball. His shot slid into the corner of the net, giving the goalkeeper, Falcone, little chance to react.

As dramatic as the first half was, the goals didn’t stop there. The decisive moment came in the 89th minute when Ramadani’s long-range shot for Lecce was deflected by Monterisi causing Turati to be caught off guard and ultimately conceding the deciding goal.

Lecce played in a 4-3-3 formation under Coach Roberto D’Aversa, while Frosinone, led by Coach Eusebio Di Francesco, adopted the same formation. The match ended with Lecce leading 2-1, the goals scored by Piccoli and Turati against Kaio Jorge’s penalty.

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