Lecce Determine Dorgu’s Future, Milan Make Plans to Sign Him

According to reports from Pianeta Lecce, the future of Lecce defender Patrick Dorgu has been determined amid interest from AC Milan.

The club has decided to retain Dorgu for another season, despite the attention from the Milanese giants.

Lecce’s management, spearheaded by Pantaleo Corvino and Stefano Trinchera, has made it clear that the young defender, born in 2004, is an asset they are not willing to part with at this time.

“The plan is to keep Patrick for another season,” revealed a source close to the club management to Pianeta Lecce.

Corvino and Trinchera have been adamant about their intention to develop Dorgu further before entertaining any offers.

Dorgu’s market value is currently difficult to determine, and the club believes it is likely to increase as he gains more experience and exposure.

This decision will certainly put a dent in Milan’s transfer plans, as they were keen on bolstering their defence with the young talent from Lecce.

For now, the Rossoneri will have to look elsewhere to strengthen their squad, as Lecce’s resolve to keep Dorgu appears firm.

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