Lecce, D’Aversa: Victory on the field, everyone saw the incident

Lecce manager Roberto D’Aversa praised his team’s fighting spirit after a draw against Milan. Speaking to DAZN, D’Aversa said that despite conceding two goals, his players demonstrated a strong desire to achieve a positive result.

During the half-time break, he reviewed the conceded goals with his players, stressing the importance of winning individual duels. He was satisfied with how the substitutes impacted the game, adding that they nearly turned things around.

However, D’Aversa expressed his disappointment in seeing five points slip away in the final moments of two recent matches, stating, “In Rome it was our fault, today not only.” He hopes these lost points will not prove costly in Lecce’s fight for survival.

Talking about young player Dorgu, D’Aversa mentioned his significant growth and important qualities, predicting a bright future. However, the manager expressed a hope that Dorgu would stay with Lecce for a long time and continue to prove his readiness in upcoming matches.

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