Lecce, D’Aversa: Only regret is the result

Roberto D’Aversa, the coach of the Italian professional football club Lecce, expressed his thoughts following the game against Cagliari at Via del Mare.

In a post-match interview with the sports streaming service Dazn, D’Aversa admitted to regrets about the game’s result. He said, “We had many opportunities. Regret is for the result because we wanted to conclude the first half of the season with a home win. It’s a shame, even if, in the end, we earned one point. I regret the first half, because we could have closed it out.”

Significantly, the Lecce coach seemed to appreciate the determination shown by his team throughout the 95-minute match, despite some adversities such as playing against the wind and conceding a goal from a dead-ball situation. D’Aversa commented, indicating that they gained a crucial point which could prove vital in their fight against relegation. “The boys gave an excellent performance. The regret is not having closed the match in the first half and the opportunity of the second half. We have earned a point on the relegation zone and that’s what counts.”

D’Aversa also reflected positively on Lecce’s performance in the first half of the season. “It was a first half with a startling start. Now, we need to think about the complexity ahead. It’s a great round, considering that both in Bergamo and today, my boys performed well. They are doing alright despite the emergency.”

To find out more about the highlights of the match and D’Aversa’s full thoughts, football fans may head over to Cagliari News 24.

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