Lazzari says Juve has Allegri’s character in Cagliari

Former Cagliari midfielder, Andrea Lazzari, has spoken exclusively to JuventusNews24 about the upcoming match between Juventus and Cagliari. Lazzari shared his thoughts on the current Juventus side and his experience with coach Allegri.

According to Lazzari, Juventus under Allegri is a team with a lot of character. “It is a Juve with a lot of character, just like its coach, who puts a great deal of humility and the ability to suffer on the field, in order to be able to bring home even the most difficult and important matches,” Lazzari said.

Reflecting on his time with Allegri at Cagliari, Lazzari recalled, “Seeing him from the outside now, I see him the same way, with the same determination and the same passion he had at Cagliari. He taught me a lot, he was one who talked a lot with the team, he was good at always keeping everyone on their toes, even those who played less. We were all part of the project and the ideas he had with the club. I see him with the same enthusiasm and the same determination, which never hurt anyone.”

For more details on Lazzari’s thoughts, you can continue to read the exclusive interview on Juventus News 24.

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