Lazio’s Zaccagni: Winning the Derby is an Indescribable Emotion, Discusses Penalty

Lazio’s forward Mattia Zaccagni reveals his joy following the team’s victory against Roma. Speaking to Sportmediaset after the game, Zaccagni shared his emotions.

The intensity of these feelings was significant, reflecting how much more than just a game this was for their fans. According to Zaccagni, making their supporters happy was a prime motivation for their success. “The excitement is indescribable, as strong as last year’s derby. It’s about much more than just advancing to the next stage, it’s a hugely significant game for our fans and we’re happy to have made them happy”, Zaccagni was quoted by Sportmediaset.

The forward also mentioned the pressure of the penalty during the game. However, he highlighted his ability to focus and stay calm, which proved beneficial in the end.

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