Lazio’s Sarri: Pitch unsuitable for derby

Lazio manager Maurizio Sarri spoke to Dazn after the drawn derby against Roma. In his statement, he expressed concern over his team’s offensive play, saying, “We just need to regain our offensive danger.”

Sarri insisted that this derby is the most important one in Italy and that if his team could not win it, they should not lose it. He also expressed dissatisfaction with the playing field, stating it was not up to the standards of the two teams involved.

Regarding Roma manager José Mourinho, Sarri confirmed that they maintain a good relationship and even jokingly called him a nuisance before the match. Sarri said, “I like Mourinho as a person very much, less so when he plays the character.”

This comes from an interview with Dazn as reported by Lazio News 24.

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