Lazio’s Isaksen: I wanted to score a goal in the North Curve since my first day

Lazio striker Gustav Isaksen expressed his delight after their victory against Frosinone. Speaking to the press, Isaksen was visibly pleased by the team’s performance and the positive start to the championship.

“I am very happy, especially because of the victory. It was vital for the league. Two games, two victories, we must keep up this momentum,” said the Danish forward. Since his arrival at Lazio, Isaksen had aspired to score a goal under the iconic Curva Nord, achieving this was a dream come true for him.

Developing a good rapport with teammate Castellanos, Isaksen stated further that he was happy to have assisted him and expressed his readiness to start matches.

The forward showed optimism for the ongoing year, stating that he hopes they “are among the top 4”. He acknowledged the significance of every game but hinted that another derby in the Coppa Italia would be impressive to experience.

Regarding the next match with Udinese, Isaksen said he was hoping that the team would continue their positive run in the league.

Wh en asked about Kamada, the striker expressed his confidence, stating, “I don’t think he has problems; I believe he is a great player. Perhaps he just needs a bit more time.”

The interview was given to journalists in a mixed press zone after the game. Isaksen‘s comments provide insight into his perspective and expectations for the club’s performance this season.

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