Lazio’s Immobile says derby transcends the pitch, can feel it in the city

Lazio captain and striker Ciro Immobile has shared his thoughts on the upcoming Rome Derby in the Lazio-Roma match program. Immobile described the derby as more exciting than any other match throughout his career, noting the impact on fans and the city as a whole. “The anticipation makes it special, the city stops, and everyone starts talking about it weeks before,” he said.

Discussing Lazio’s victory over Feyenoord, Immobile expressed that it gave the team confidence and provided important points for their group’s future. He hoped this energy would carry into their derby performance.

Immobile also reminisced about memorable goals from previous derbies, mentioning two he scored in the 2017 Coppa Italia semi-final, which led the team to the final and later a victory in the Italian Super Cup against Juventus.

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