Lazio’s Fabiani Responds to Sarri: Calls Him a Tradesman, Claims 2nd Place

Ahead of the Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, Lazio’s Sporting Director Angelo Fabiani addressed the media. In his talk with Sport Mediaset, Fabiani commented on Lazio’s recent performances and future prospects.

Fabiani dismissed the supposed pressures that come with every city and club. He believed that Lazio Manager Maurizio Sarri has used them to fire up the team ahead of the match. “Sarri downplays it, but he does it to increase the tension of the players,” Fabiani said.

The Sporting Director reflected on Lazio’s extraordinary achievements last season, which led to them securing the second place in Serie A due to their consistent performance. He also pointed out the team’s shortcomings this season, stating the club could have been in the Champions League zone with an additional five or six points. However, he underlined that there is still a lot of games to play, and their qualification for the Champions League a round early is an excellent result.

Fabiani also mentioned the team’s success in the Coppa Italia and expressed his regret over lost points in Serie A due to complacency. He highlighted the club’s plan spearheaded by owner Claudio Lotito for the rejuvenation of the squad. “We have brought players to Lazio who will make headlines in the coming years,” he said.

Finally, discussing the transfer market, he suggested that Lotito would not shy away from acquiring useful assets for Sarri, a strategy carried out in the summer. “The market, like money, never sleeps: if there’s something useful for Sarri, Lotito won’t back down,” he concluded.

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