Lazio’s Cataldi criticises referee’s lack of assertiveness, says it shouldn’t happen in Serie A

Lazio’s central midfielder, Danilo Cataldi, expressed disappointment following the team’s 2-1 defeat against Salernitana. In a statement released to Sky Sport, Cataldi voiced his concern regarding the team’s current positioning and performance.

“What’s happening? I don’t know, it’s a complicated matter. This team should not be in this position on the league table, we all know that,” Cataldi expressed to Sky Sport.

He felt that although the team demonstrated good form in the first half of the match, their second-half performance was less than ideal, demonstrating a level of passivity that led to them conceding goals.

“We must certainly change course otherwise our objectives are moving too far away,” Cataldi stated, further raising concerns over both the mental and tactical aspects of the team’s current situation.

Cataldi compared the team’s current performances to those of previous seasons, pointing out that they had room for improvement. While acknowledging that result patterns can change quickly, he was firm in his opinion that the team’s performances were not living up to the Lazio standard.

Adressing Gyomber’s double yellow card issue, Cataldi defended his teammate stating, “Initially, I should say it isn’t an excuse, but I think it’s a matter too clear to be overlooked. I think the referee showed little personality as he had penalised a few minutes earlier. Honestly, a referee in Serie A, within three meters, can’t ignore pulling out the yellow card. I would have expected him not to give the penalty, even if clear, but his intervention was too much on that.”.

This defeat has highlighted the challenges facing Lazio moving forward, with the team’s position on the league table a clear concern for team members like Cataldi.

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