Lazio, Sarri: Victory could have been more comprehensive, Kamada hard to interpret

Maurizio Sarri, Lazio’s coach, has given his thoughts to Sky Sport following the game against Frosinone.

He talked passionately about the support from the fans despite an initial setback, “We fell behind in a dubious manner yet the stadium’s reaction when we were trailing was impressive. They could have jeered us but instead they encouraged us and probably triggered our spirited comeback which was lacking before.”

Sarri was also confident of the team’s performance, stating the game could have had a more significant result in favour of Lazio.

He continued to talk about two players on his team, Castellanos and Isaksen, explaining, “Some players needed a bit of time. Castellanos is a bit more mature, Isaksen is very young. He’s growing, as well as Castellanos. He had the burden of missing the goal and after he scored it showed. He’s been playing at this level for almost two months now.”

He also spoke on the improvements to the team’s defence, acknowledging the work of Patric and Gila. He noted, however, their lack of physicality, “They also have good ball control, even though on this field it’s impossible to play”.

Discussing the team’s other players, he highlighted Kamada, stating the player finds it difficult to open up due to his more reserved nature. Despite this, Sarri remains hopeful about Kamada, “I still have hopes for him because I saw a significant player in Frankfurt.”

Regarding Felipe Anderson, Sarri doesn’t shy away from expressing his disappointment, “…he’s not in a positive phase. I convinced that he would do well, he was devastating during yesterday’s training. But today, he started off well in the first 15 minutes then lost his way. I had to pull him off despite the esteem I have for him.”

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