Lazio Roma: How Sarri and Mourinho strategise to outwit each other

The highly anticipated Derby della Capitale between Lazio and Roma is set to take place tomorrow, with both teams separated by only one point in the standings. The match will play a significant role in determining the path to the Champions League for the losing side. This week, Lazio secured three points against Feyenoord, while Roma suffered a disappointing defeat in Prague, and manager José Mourinho criticized his team’s performance.

According to Fabrizio Patania from Corriere dello Sport, Lazio has been less aggressive in their press and more focused on covering passing lines in recent derbies. As a result, the team will need to find a balance between waiting for the right opportunities and applying pressure. Part of their strategy will be to shield Lukaku, ensuring he receives the most passes and opportunities to attack.

Il Messaggero suggests that Mourinho may make a surprising move by starting Renato Sanches, a versatile box-to-box midfielder with strong dribbling and shooting abilities. However, concerns about his physical endurance might limit his minutes on the field. If Mourinho does indeed start Sanches, it would be his first full game in almost two months.

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