Lazio purportedly ready for a trio of dream signings, Lotito urged to finalise deals

The latest updates on the transfer moves of Marco Baroni’s new Lazio, with the possibility of a triple acquisition, have emerged.

According to today’s edition of Il Messaggero, Lazio is increasingly close to sealing an incredible triple transfer deal.

The Biancocelesti are working diligently to meet Udinese’s asking price of 25 million euros.

An insider within the club, quoted in Il Messaggero, revealed, “We’re making significant progress in the negotiations, and we are confident that the deal will be finalised soon.”

Another source close to the negotiations noted, “The talks are advancing smoothly, and all parties are eager to reach a conclusion.”

Lazio fans are eagerly awaiting official announcements, hoping the club will secure the signings and bolster their squad significantly.

Further updates are expected as the situation develops, with the possibility of an official statement from the club in the coming days.

Stay tuned to our site for the most current information regarding the potential triple signing and other transfer news.

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