Lazio, Lotito: We are the Capital’s Leading Team, not Derby

Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio, shared his thoughts about the upcoming Coppa Italia derby against Roma as he addressed the club’s official media outlets during Lazio’s 124th anniversary celebrations.

In his address, Lotito underscored the importance of honouring the club’s history and the legacy of its founders. He stated his belief that Lazio continues to uphold the values that led to its formation and has cemented its place as ‘the first team of the capital’. The president acknowledged the sacrifices made by many, including those who bravely served in the First World War, contributing to the team’s reputation as a civil symbol. He expressed their determination to continue cherishing this heritage with pride, supported by their dedicated fan base.

Turning his attention to the impending derby, Lotito termed it as a ‘league within a league’. He stressed upon the value of results and facts, underlying the match’s significance where the fans play the role of the ‘twelfth man on the field’. The Lazio president expressed the need for team spirit and technical strength and saluted the fans’ contributions. He said, “We have to believe in the strength of a technically solid group and only with the support of our fans can each individual contribute their value to the team and bring joy to the fans”.

Lotito’s comments were made available through Lazio’s official media channels. His words set the tone for the much-anticipated Coppa Italia derby against Roma. In his speech, Lotito clearly recognises the role of the fans and the importance of the team’s legacy, building excitement in the lead up to one of the key battles of Italian football.

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