Lazio, Lotito on ‘Lotirchio’: a nickname that makes me laugh

Lazio’s president, Claudio Lotito, guested on the ‘Zero Titoli’ podcast from The Journal, where he spoke candidly about various aspects of his role and his life.

Lotito addressed the nickname ‘Lotirchio’, which he finds amusing, since he believes it doesn’t correspond to the truth. He explained, “This nickname stems from a simple fact. When I took over Lazio, it was in a particular economic and equity situation: it had a turnover of 80 million and lost 86.5 million, it had a debt of 550 million. Taking it over was considered by everyone to be an impossible challenge, for me it was like an extreme sport.”

To restore stability to Lazio’s financial condition, Lotito said he had “to adopt a drastic, rigid stance by cutting costs and adopting a counter-trend position.” It was not easy to make investments in this context, which is why the term ‘Lotirchio’ was coined. However, Lotito highlights that, contrary to popular belief, Lazio is now one of the most solid companies from an economic and equity point of view, with over 300 million in real estate assets and about 500 million in player assets. “It has also achieved important sporting results – after Juventus in recent years, it has won more than anyone else”, he added.

Discussing his new role as senator, Lotito said, “I find myself comfortable in the new role as senator. I am very committed, when I do things I take them seriously and with determination.” He finds this context, including the contribution of his colleagues, provides him a comfortable environment. He compared entering the Senate to entering the Olympic Stadium, stating, “You have to hold on to how you come out. From the Senate, I come out well, from the Olympic, the facts speak and they say I came out unscathed. That’s already something.”

On the likelihood of him becoming the Minister of Sports, he commented, “It’s not an office I aspire to. It would mean eliminating a number of activities I have. Becoming the Minister of Sport while being the president of Lazio? It’s impossible. My son? Yes, sure, but certainly the world of sport offers broad possibilities for intervention if you have the skills and the will.”

He emphasized the importance of intelligence, culture, and education, referring to them as his assets. “If you are intelligent, literate, and respectful, people respect you. Then there are people who try to trip you up. I come from a papal mentality, so I’m one of those who extend their hand to help you get out”, he shared on the ‘Zero Titoli’ podcast.

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