Lazio-Inter, Stankovic: Lautaro and Thuram travelling at a scary average pace

Dejan Stankovic, a figure familiar to both Lazio and Inter Milan, has expressed his views ahead of Sunday night’s clash between Lazio and Inter in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

On Sunday’s face-off between Lazio and Inter Milan, Stankovic said, “Starting off with Inter, I say just what I used to when I challenged it with Samp, it scares me. It’s a tank. And now it has much fewer highs and lows. This makes the difference. Barella sets the rhythm, is more concrete, raises his arms less. Calha and Micki are the minds behind the game. Wing backs seldom have a bad match. Acerbi is a pillar who keeps everyone in the correct positions. Perhaps more is expected from substitutions in the attack. But Inter can reach the end.”

Stankovic also evaluated Lautaro and Thuram’s partnership, dubbed ‘Lu-La’. He said: “Different moments, different Inter. Now they are running at a terrifying average. They are different, now it’s Lautaro who is grounding Thuram. The Frenchman doesn’t run, he skates. If you don’t stop him immediately, you’ll find him in the box. They’re a fantastic duo, quality, speed, game sense.”

When asked about his preferred manager between Sarri, Inaghi, and Italiano, his choice was clear: “Italiano. Not that I don’t like the others, mind you. Hats off to the master of 4-3-3, I must absorb football to get close. But I see myself in Italiano: how he presses, manages the ball, and attacks. Is he a coach for a major team? Absolutely yes.”

The full account of Stankovic’s statements can be read in the original interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

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