Lazio-Inter, Rocchi: Gila’s handball is not punishable

A week after the contentious incident during the Lazio vs Inter game, Open Var showcased Gila’s handball in the penalty area. The incident was hugely contested by Inter and led to an extensive review of video footage and audio from the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) room.

In conversation with broadcaster Dazn, the officials revealed part of the audio from the VAR room. An unattributed source can be heard saying, “He touched it first with his body so it’s not punishable.” Referee Rocchi further clarified the situation. “Compared to Bani’s case, it’s not punishable”, Rocchi opined. “The touch from the body radically changed the direction. It would have been a penalty only if it was intentional.”

The comments made on Dazn have caused some division among fans and sporting pundits alike. Those viewing the incident will surely continue to debate the decisions made and their potential impact on both the game and the wider league.

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