Lazio, Fabiani urges: Felipe Anderson must decide on renewal

Angelo Fabiani, the sporting director of Lazio, has offered insights into the team’s situation in a recent interview with Radiosei.

On the topic of contract renewals, Fabiani expressed the view that it is too early to discuss the renewals of Sarri and Kamada. He admitted that Kamada is frustrated as he’s not performing to the best of his abilities. “We would like to keep him, but I can’t predict the future,” Fabiani said on Radiosei.

Fabiani also spoke about the situation of Anderson. “As for Anderson, we have done what we must do. It’s up to him to decide what to do. We are ready to renew,” he added.

Similarly, for Zaccagni, Fabiani suggested that the club is willing to extend the player’s stay, but the decision ultimately lies with the player. While providing these insights, Fabiani has left anxious Lazio fans with more questions than answers about the future of their beloved team.

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