Lazio, Fabiani: This is the balance of the work done so far

Lazio’s Sporting Director, Angelo Fabiani, has provided comprehensive insights into the current state of the club. Discussing matters from youth teams to the women’s squad, he spoke on the club’s official channels.

Reflecting on the club’s performance, Fabiani revealed his personal journey and commitment towards the youth sector and the women’s team. He acknowledged, “I came (to the club) as everyone knows, taking care of the youth sector and the women’s team, after choosing a particular way of life. I meandered for 30 years far and wide. Even though it was a difficult choice, I decided to bring my experience to the youth sector and the women’s team when Morace was still there.”

Under Fabiani’s stewardship, both teams enjoyed considerable success last season, and he expressed high hopes for them in the future, despite acknowledging challenges in the women’s league format. “There’s a significant gap between the A and B leagues, and it’s difficult to advance as the second team. We hope for more luck this year because the Women’s team deserves close attention,” he stated.

The club management is not leaving any stones unturned in their fight for success and has significantly invested in the women’s squad, striving to guide them towards a league that matches their potential. “The club management is investing heavily, and we want to see the women’s team compete in the category best suited for them,” acknowledged Fabiani.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, as Fabiani recalls the challenges that he encountered when he first joined, particularly with the youth team. However, his proactive approach ensured that he waited for the right moment to intervene and bring about positive change for the betterment of the team.

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