Lazio, Fabiani: “Mauro’s Comment? What Nonsense! And the Renewals…”

Lazio is celebrating a special moment following their triumphant win in the Coppa Italia derby against Roma. This victory revitalised Maurizio Sarri’s team, making them ready for their next challenge against Lecce.

In an interview with Radiosei, Lazio’s sporting director Angelo Fabiani spoke passionately about the emotionally charged night against Roma. He commented, “The victory had particular significance as it coincided with Lazio’s birthday. We are quite satisfied with the win, but it seems that it is being overly discussed. It’s not just the fans, but us at Formello too”.

Fabiani expressed concern that the team might be becoming too wrapped up in the past success and losing sight of future challenges. He acknowledged that Lazio, nourished by winning the last three matches, must now shift their focus to their upcoming game against Lecce. “At the start of the season we saw that underestimating any team could be costly,” Fabiani noted.

Regarding the team’s ambition, the sporting director said, “We want to return to Europe, so what we have accomplished so far is not enough.”

Fabiani shrugged off a comment by Massimo Mauro about a penalty granted to Lazio in derby, labeling as ‘nonsense’, and insisting “Commentators should remain impartial.”

On the topic of Lazio’s player Mandas, Fabiani commented, “For us, he is a chosen one. Sarri did well to put him on the field in such an important and unique game. I believe that this young man repaid the confidence shown in him by the coach.”

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