Lazio Acquires Young Defender Labranca from Audace Cerignola

Young footballer Ruggero Labranca’s deal with Lazio has been finalised, according to his agent Valentina Porzia. He is set to move from Audace Cerignola to the white and sky blues club. Labranca, born in 2006, has previously played for ASD Etra Barletta’s youth team and Fidelis Andria. He has now signed his membership with the Serie A club and has started training at the Lazio Training Centre in Formello. Since the start of this season, the Puglia-born player had been a standout performer for Cerignola’s Primavera Eleven.

Porzia expressed her satisfaction with the move, voicing her pleasure at the opportunities that will come Labranca’s way with Lazio. She stated, “I am pleased to admit that the work of serious Puglian clubs, such as Etra Barletta, can still lead to the growth of young local boys.” This quote was obtained from an interview she gave in Italian.

Continuing, she praised the courage of clubs willing to invest in their youngsters rather than focusing solely on winning championships. “There are many realities that prefer to win their own championships, impeding the footballing journey of their members, but in this case, talent seeking its own path has won. Best of luck, Ruggero!” she added.

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