Lavezzi’s Revelation: Underwent Mystical Crisis, Voicing Praises or Pleas to God

Argentinian journalist Estefi Berardi has revealed the personal crisis experienced by former Paris Saint-Germain forward Ezequiel Lavezzi, prior to his admission into a mental health facility.

Berardi, who appeared on an Argentine TV show hosted by Carmen Barbieri, uncovered the distressing events leading up to Lavezzi’s hospitalisation. Lavezzi, nicknamed “El Pocho”, was famed for appearances with Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli during his football career.

Berardi divulged, “He started to hear voices, thinking that he was being followed. The fear gripped him so tightly that he grabbed a pair of scissors and began to harm himself”.

According to Berardi, Lavezzi’s family initially attempted to transport him to Buenos Aires via air ambulance. However, once they arrived at the airport, Lavezzi’s distress escalated, compelling the crew to sedate him for the safety of everyone on board.

The chilling account of Lavezzi’s crisis continued, with Berardi describing Lavezzi as having experienced some form of spiritual breakdown, where he “cried out praises or appeals to God”.

The information concerning Lavezzi’s struggle was provided by Berardi and has cast a spotlight on the mental health issues faced by athletes, reminding the world of the importance of mental wellbeing along with physical health.

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