Lautaro Martinez renewal: Cosmi clarifies his demands are fair and explains why

Lautaro Martinez has been a central figure in recent discussions at Inter Milan concerning his contract renewal.

Serse Cosmi, a well-known coach, shared his thoughts on the matter. Speaking to Radio TV Serie A, Cosmi provided his perspective on Martinez’s situation at Inter.

“For me, he is right,” said Cosmi. He elaborated, “Look at how much someone like Bellingham earns, how much the best footballers in the world take home; it is only natural that he approaches Inter…”

Cosmi’s comments highlight the broader context of player salaries and the expectations for top players to be compensated accordingly.

With the renewal talks ongoing, it remains to be seen how Inter Milan will respond to these insights and the negotiations with their captain.

The football world watches with keen interest as this high-profile contract discussion unfolds.

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