Lautaro-Lobotka VAR decision: No foul, says Trefoloni, everyone holds the same idea

An incident during Serie A’s Napoli-Inter match being hotly debated revolves around a possible foul by Lautaro on Lobotka, leading to Inter’s goal. The chatter has been stoked further by the release of the Var Room audio on Dazn.

The dialogue reveals that Marini in the Var Room contested any existence of a foul. “Absolutely no foul, he got the ball and clearly played it,” he is quoted as saying by Dazn.

Trefoloni echoed these sentiments, insisting that all three refereeing bodies – the on-field referee, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and the Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR) – independently arrived at the same conclusion. According to Trefoloni, “they all unanimously agreed that there was no foul play,” also as cited by Dazn.

The full implications of this incident continue to ripple through the football community, raising questions about referee decision making, the role of video technology in the game, and its impact on the ultimate results.

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