La Russa claims Marotta’s leadership was pivotal for Inter’s growth, remains silent on market dealings.

Marotta remains the president of Inter Milan, as confirmed by Ignazio La Russa during an interview at the sidelines of the club’s latest Board of Directors’ meeting.

Speaking to the reporters present at the event, La Russa shared his views on the future of Inter and discussed several topics, including the San Siro stadium, Giuseppe Marotta, and transfer market strategies.

La Russa stated, “We embraced each other with Marotta. The first merit goes to him for his exceptional work with the club.”

He emphasised the importance of continuity at the executive level, highlighting Marotta’s significant contributions to the team’s recent successes.

Regarding the San Siro, La Russa remarked, “San Siro is a historical monument for us, and every decision regarding its future will be taken with utmost care and respect for its legacy.”

The discussion also touched upon potential transfer market activities. La Russa hinted at possible moves but remained tight-lipped about specific names.

“La Russa concluded, “We are fully committed to making strategic decisions that will strengthen the squad and ensure we remain competitive at all levels.”

The meeting underscored Inter’s ongoing commitment to building a robust team and maintaining its storied heritage, with Marotta playing a pivotal role in the club’s future endeavours.

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