LA FC’s Chiellini has clear ideas: He sees his future with Juve

Ahead of the MLS Cup final match involving his team, Los Angeles FC, Giorgio Chiellini has given an enlightening interview to The Athletic. With Los Angeles FC freshly crowned as the Western Conference champions, they are set to battle with Columbus Crew for the championship title.

In the interview, Chiellini also provides hints about his future plans. The possibility of this match being his last remained uncertain when he stated, “I honestly don’t know. I need to understand my family’s plans. But I’ll be staying in Los Angeles until June”, states Chiellini in response to the question regarding his departure from the MLS side.

Chiellini also elaborated on his longstanding bond with his former team, Juventus, where he spent nearly half of his career. Expressing optimism about the team’s current performance, he said, “In my future, I see Juventus. I don’t know in what position but it’s a place where I’ve spent almost half of my life. I am still very attached, and I’m very happy that they are having a good season. I look forward to returning to the stadium during the Christmas holidays. But there’s no rush, I’m enjoying life here with my family”.

Nevertheless, Chiellini did not seem to be in any haste to return to his former club, as he appeared to be content living in Los Angeles with his family.

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