Koopmeiners to Juventus: Giuntoli reportedly pushing for four possible sales to fund the move

Koopmeiners to Juventus: Giuntoli Accelerates Pursuit, Potential Four Sales to Fund the Big Move

Giuntoli is not content with just acquiring Douglas Luiz.

The Juventus executive aims to also bring Koopmeiners to Turin.

A deal with the player has already been reached, as reported in recent days.

However, an agreement with the club is now essential.

In a bid to finance this significant acquisition, Giuntoli is considering the sale of up to four current squad members.

A source close to the negotiations stated, “We have an understanding with Koopmeiners, but the next step is to finalise terms with his club.”

This comes as Thiago Motta eagerly awaits new reinforcements.

Juventus fans will be watching closely to see if these ambitious plans come to fruition.

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