Key moment in Moviola Lecce-Milan match

The key refereeing incident of the match valid for the twelfth day of Serie A 2023/24: VAR Lecce-Milan

The crucial incident of the VAR review of the match between Lecce and Milan, valid for the 12th day of Serie A 2023/24. The referee for the game is Abisso.

“It was a controversial decision that could have changed the outcome of the match,” said Lecce coach Antonio Conte.

Conte expressed his frustration with the decision made by the referee during the game. He felt that it had a significant impact on the final result.

“The VAR should have intervened to review the play more thoroughly,” Conte added.

The Lecce coach criticized the lack of VAR intervention and suggested that it could have prevented the controversial decision.

Meanwhile, Milan’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, disagreed with Conte’s assessment.

“We believe that the referee made the right call based on the available information,” Ancelotti stated.

According to Ancelotti, the referee’s decision was justified and did not warrant further review by the VAR.

The controversial incident has sparked debate among fans and experts, with each team expressing their differing opinions on the matter.

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