Kevin Zefi Moves from Inter to Roma: Who is the New Irish Acquisition?

Roma football club has signed young striker Kevin Zefi, who previously played for Inter’s youth team. After honing his skills with the Shamrock Rovers, Zefi is now set to take on the reality of playing in the capital city under the management of José Mourinho.

Born in Dublin on 11 February 2005, Kevin Zefi is emerging as one of the young talents in European football. With his creativity, physique and quality, Zefi epitomises the stereotype of a secondary striker, adept at finishing in the final 20 metres and attacking spaces as dictated by the game’s flow. He made his first steps into football with the Shamrock Rovers, a team that Juventus had faced in the Europa League playoffs years ago.

Zefi joined Inter in 2021 and it was here that he displayed consistent growth in his scoring ability. During his first year with the Under 17s, he scored six goals, followed by 16 in his second season with the Under 18s. In the current season with Inter’s Under 18 team, he has scored three goals in five matches and made six appearances in the Primavera 2022-23 Championship.

As the news broke, Corriere dello Sport quoted, “Now, Mourinho’s Roma, which will allow him to start training with the first team immediately due to the offensive emergency”. Zefi joins Roma on a permanent deal, his future awaiting to be written possibly alongside Lukaku.

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