Kean to Fiorentina, Molinelli says he has never seen a player as strong during Juventus youth years and believes separation was not an easy decision. Regarding disciplinary concerns, he comments otherwise.

Maurizio Molinelli, former coach of Moise Kean during his time in the Juventus youth academy, has shared his thoughts on Kean’s recent transfer to Fiorentina.

Molinelli, who played a pivotal role in Kean’s early development, spoke to Corriere della Sera about the new Fiorentina signing.

“If you saw him play,” Molinelli said, as reported in Corriere della Sera, “you would immediately realise that he is incredibly talented. He’s probably the strongest player I’ve ever coached.”

He added that Kean’s raw potential was evident from a young age and that it was only a matter of time before he made a decisive impact at the senior level.

“Moise has a blend of speed, skill, and strength that is rare. He always had that X-factor,” Molinelli continued, highlighting the attributes that set Kean apart.

The former coach expressed confidence that Kean would thrive at Fiorentina, believing that the club would provide the ideal environment for his growth and success.

“He’s ready for this next challenge, and I’m sure Fiorentina will harness his abilities in the best possible way,” Molinelli concluded.

As Moise Kean embarks on this new chapter of his career, all eyes will be on how he adapts and evolves at Fiorentina under the spotlight of Serie A.

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