Kane describes return to England as Bayern player as ‘quite strange’

Forward for Bayern Munich, Harry Kane, spoke about last night’s victory over Manchester United on Prime Video.

“We had been discussing these past few days that we needed to come here and display more determination, passion, and energy, and I believe we did just that.” he said, according to Prime Video. He added, “We controlled the game for large stretches. It’s good to get this win and finish the group stage well.”

Kane also mentioned how it felt strange to return to England as a player for Bayern and expressed satisfaction with how the group stage went.

Regarding his recent goal drought, Kane said it’s part of being a forward. “Sometimes you go through spells where the ball just doesn’t arrive, then there are times when you miss the target or hit the post,” he said.

Harry Kane emphasised his focus on being patient and continuing to do his job, confident that he will get chances in the team and will be prepared to seize them.

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