Juve’s Vlahovic: We never give up, until the end

Juventus attacker Dusan Vlahovic has spoken out following the club’s victory over Salernitana. In conversation with DAZN, Vlahovic provided an insight into the game and his goals for the team moving forward.

The Serbian player credited the hard-fought win largely to his teammates, stating that, “This victory weighs heavily. We gave everything and deserved this. I congratulate Salernitana for the great game they played.”

He mentioned the red card that put Salernitana in difficulty, recognizing their status despite their struggle on the field. He also touched upon Juventus’ spirit and determination, saying, “We never give up. We will give everything until the end.”

Speaking about Juventus’ chances for the league title, Vlahovic acknowledged the long road ahead, adding, “There are still 18 games, it’s a long way. Our goal is the Champions, we’ll see as we proceed.”

Addressing his personal contributions, Vlahovic, acknowledged as a standout player in the game, laid his success at the feet of his colleagues, his manager, the club, and the fans. “I’ve always worked hard and given everything. The hard work will pay off. I’m pleased, but couldn’t have achieved anything without the help of the team, manager, club, and fans,” he remarked.

In regards to the year ahead and prospects for 2024, Vlahovic kept his sights squarely on the present, “I work day by day. I only concern myself with things I can change. I work every day to realize my dreams.”

Closing his statement, Vlahovic thanked the fans who came to support the team and conveyed his best to his teammates and manager, “We’re proving that we’re a great team,” he concluded.

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